SEO for Lawyers

If your law firm’s website isn’t generating leads daily and you aren’t on the first page of Google, then you need to reevaluate your legal marketing strategy. Your legal website should be fully optimized with highly specific keyword phrases, both long and short tail, in order to begin raking in the client leads. This is where a legal content writer or copywriter can help. Legal content writers work with SEO companies and web masters to achieve the extraordinary for your site. By creating unique and rich content for your website, you can ensure that your site remains relevant in today’s cutthroat legal field.

You can be sure your competitors are developing new content on a regular basis–both through timely blog posts and rich SEO landing pages. Yet how can you keep up? After all, your time is already spent growing your business, speaking with clients, and practicing law.

At Ferrar Copywriters, we handle all of your content needs–so you can continue to do what you do best—practice law. We work 1 on 1 with you to become the voice of your firm and will ensure that your blog and your website are updated with keyword rich SEO content on a regular basis. We work well with existing SEO firms, such as Justia and Findlaw and we can work together with your webmaster to help your site rank higher in Google. In addition, rich SEO content can help to:

  • Increase more traffic to your legal website
  • Increase website contacts and new clients
  • Improve visibility over other lawyers
  • Improve brand recognition for your law firm

To find out more about these great services, you can fill out our confidential online contact form. I would be happy to discuss all of your content needs and help you find a content plan that fits your budget. Be sure to ask how you can try our services for FREE.

Published by Bonnie Ferrar

President and Senior Content writer for Ferrar Copywriters--a small boutique writing firm specializing in website content, blogging, social media content, website design, and Facebook management.

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