Why Your Conversion Rates Depend on Keeping Your Readers Engaged

Perhaps you are losing legal clients due to poor writing on your website and in your legal blogs. If so, it is important to remember that the success of your website and your blog translate directly into the success of your law firm. If the content on your web pages or your blog are written strictly for search engines, then you will quickly find the real people (those you want as clients) moving on to your competitors who do believe in the power of high-quality legal copywriting.


Yes, you do want your web content to attract search engines, but first and foremost, you want to attract real people, and those real people must be able to read and understand your content. Choices made in design, vocabulary, grammar and topics all work with one another to grab the attention of your readers, then converting those readers into clients.

pexels-photo-267447.jpegWriting Content That is Simple, Yet Engaging

Because attorneys must use “legalese” when they write briefs, motions and other legal documents, as well as when they argue before a judge, or speak to their peers, having a legal copywriter who can convey the message in a manner the average reader will have no difficulty understanding is critical. Improving reader engagement is crucial, not only for the success of your legal blog or website, but also for your conversion rates. Your legal content should:


  • Show that you know and understand your audience
  • Look professional, sound professional, yet be understandable to the layperson
  • Be streamlined and constructed in short, digestible “bites” of information
  • Be visually appealing, and
  • Should be optimized for mobile readers


Optimization for mobile readers is crucial to your success, and, in turn, your conversion rates. More and more people are looking at your website and reading your blog on their smart phone, Kindle, or other type of tablet, and users are less likely to return to a site they have trouble navigating through.


How a Legal Copywriter Can Significantly Increase Your Conversion Rates

Here’s how a high-quality legal copywriter will keep your readers engaged, build your brand, increase the trust factor for you and your law firm, and boost your conversion rates in the process:


  • Experienced legal copywriters understand the importance of following Bar Association advertising guidelines.
  • Skilled legal copywriters carefully screen blogs and web content, using Copyscape or a similar program to avoid any hint of plagiarism.
  • Accomplished legal copywriters provide topics which attract your target audience.
  • Practiced legal copywriters reference credible sources, incorporating a reader-friendly structure which always provides real, useful information for potential clients.
  • Legal copywriters are proficient in the inclusion of state-specific statutes, and government websites, when applicable.
  • Expert legal copywriters are well-versed in the legal issues which matter to you and your firm.  
  • In short, the legal copywriter you hire must write in such a manner that you are never hesitant to put your name on the content.


You may think this sounds like a pretty tall order—and it is. Yet this level of legal copywriter certainly exists, you must simply be willing to pay for high-quality legal writing in the same way you expect those who need high-quality legal assistance to pay your own fees. When you need a house built, you do not want a person who thinks he might be able to build your home, you want the person who has built many, many outstanding homes for many satisfied customers. Choose your legal copywriter in the same manner, and watch your conversion rates soar!


Published by Bonnie Ferrar

President and Senior Content writer for Ferrar Copywriters--a small boutique writing firm specializing in website content, blogging, social media content, website design, and Facebook management.

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