Building Credibility Through Your Law Firm’s Blog

pexels-photo-267389.jpegTrust is, more and more, a rare commodity in our world. Trust, reputation, credibility—words that surely all attorneys strive for. You might think the only purpose of your law firm’s blog page is simply to send out a little information here and there, and you may only have a legal blog page because your competitors do. Legal blogging is an incredibly useful marketing tool for the internet, as it can bring you natural links, help you build your online relationships, and boost your credibility in the process.  


In short, blogging should be a relationship-building process, rather than a link-building process (although gathering natural links along the way is certainly a benefit). If you are not taking full advantage of your legal blog, you may really be missing out on a golden opportunity to build credibility for your firm and your attorneys, individually. So, how do you build credibility through your blog?

  • Add a personal element to each blog whenever possible.
  • Ensure your blog clearly conveys the values and principles of your legal firm.  
  • Think about what your law firm stands for; if you believe your firm is innovative, make sure your legal blog consistently conveys the fresh and new.   
  • Never, ever skimp on the quality of your legal blogs—mistake-free writing and supreme readability are crucial, plus your blog posts should always offer something useful to your readers.
  • Make sure your blog post provides some type of solution the majority of the time.
  • Use your blog to build relationships with readers—who may soon become clients.
  • Never take your blog for granted—every single well-researched, high-quality legal blog post will build your credibility one brick at a time. In other words, update regularly, because your target audience will come to expect fresh content.
  • Remember, in the blogging world, it is difficult to re-engage your target audience if you let them slip away because you have not posted to your blog in a long while.
  • As you continue to deliver quality, readable, informative content to your prospective clients, the increasing credibility of your legal blog is transferred to your brand, building the reputation of your law firm.


But I’m Too Busy…

I can almost hear the chorus of “I’m just too busy to keep my blog updated,” from the attorneys reading this post. And I totally understand your position. You have clients who need your time and attention, leaving your legal blog to languish. Consider this: When someone needs legal assistance, they contact an attorney. When a person needs to have a broken leg set, he or she sees a doctor.


As an attorney, you certainly recognize the wisdom of seeking a highly qualified legal copywriter to keep your legal blog updated. When you need outstanding legal copywriting which builds your brand, builds trust and credibility, and makes the best case for your legal services, your first thought should be to contact an experienced legal copywriter.  


A highly skilled legal copywriter can help focus your legal website around your specialty, positioning you as an authority. Since expertise in an area most always trumps ho-hum general knowledge, your legal copywriter can ensure that expertise is highlighted, resulting in clients seeking you out.


Your website, and the marketing for your firm, should never be a one-and-done task. You want to see the very best results possible for every dollar spent, and having a skilled legal copywriter with marketing experience will truly help you find every opportunity to promote your law firm, creating consistent, high-quality legal blogs, web content, legal e-books, whitepapers and press releases. Don’t be guilty of letting your legal blog languish—keep it updated, fresh and constantly building credibility for your law firm.  Fill out our contact form below to get more information on how we can help your law firm! 


Published by Bonnie Ferrar

President and Senior Content writer for Ferrar Copywriters--a small boutique writing firm specializing in website content, blogging, social media content, website design, and Facebook management.

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