What is the Best Page Length for Legal Content?

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Is There Really a Perfect Page Length?

Interestingly – but not surprisingly – there is not one specific page length that is considered “perfect” when writing legal articles and blogs for lawyer’s websites – at least insofar as Google is concerned. The quality and style of the content is far more important than the number of words on the page. After all, the purpose of a website article or blog is to inform, educate and interest the reader and to motivate them to go to your website or fill out your contact form.

Essential Information Can Be Conveyed in Shorter Pages

Legal websites provide essential information to searchers in need of legal services. This information gives the searcher a reason to contact you and establishes you as a leader in your field. Once they get to your website, your articles should answer their basic questions and guide them to call or email you.

For example, if an individual was in a car accident that was caused by another driver who was texting while driving, an effective personal injury lawyer’s website will often include a page on this specific topic. The searcher is more inclined to contact the lawyer once they see their topic on the website. Simply having a generic car accident page is often not enough to convince a potential client to contact your firm.

Is There a Preferred Page Length?

Yes. After writing thousands of articles over a period of years, we have determined that a page containing an average of approximately 400 to 600 words is usually sufficient to convey the desired information related to the searched topic—without being too cumbersome for a reader to sift through:

• It is desirable to give essential, no-nonsense, helpful information to the reader

• Research indicates that many readers have a relatively short attention span and will leave the page if the content is too long

• The purpose of the article is to grab the reader’s attention so they’ll contact you to discuss their particular case and this can be accomplished in a concise, 400 to 600 word article, rather than a longer page.

It is important to note that longer pages can also be of great value for boosting your rankings, so you will want to add some longer pages to your site as well. We will frequently utilize the longer page whenever it is appropriate for the attorney’s website, but it is not necessary to have all of your site 1000 word pages. 

The Content of the Legal Article is Far More Important Its Length

Google and the other search engines do not have a preference as to the number of words in an article or blog. According to Google’s website, they answer more than one billion questions daily from people all over the world. Google simply does not favor low-quality sites and unoriginal, useless content. Law firms that wish to better their search engine page rankings and increase their clientele can attain this goal by regularly adding high quality, search engine optimized content written by a professional, experienced legal content writer.

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