Expand Your Law Firm’s Existing Web Content Today!

The Importance of Expanding Your Law Firm’s Existing Web Content:

In order for your law firm’s website to remain fresh, new content must be added continually – and regularly. In addition, the content must be optimized for search engines. This type of content is referred to as SEO content. What this means is that the content itself must be relevant, new, interesting, of high quality and original. More importantly, the content must adhere to certain SEO guidelines in order to attract “hits” or “clicks” by searchers who are seeking legal services on search engines, especially Google, which attracts more than 90% of searches.

What is SEO Legal Content, Anyway?

Content is everything that is written for and added to your law firm’s website. But there is a vast difference between typically written content and Search Engine Optimized, or SEO, Content. Search Engine Optimized Content is written in a specific manner to attract the attention of the “spiders” that constantly “crawl” the Internet. These spiders seek original and new content.

Content Gets “Old” as Soon as It’s Posted to Your Law Firm’s Website:

Every website starts with a certain amount of content. All websites have budgets and therefore a limited amount of space in which to post content. The first content that is written for your website by your legal content writer contains the most fundamental and basic information, such as:

  • The name, location and contact information of your law firm
  • The type of law that you practice; i.e., your specialties – such as personal injury, criminal law, family law, etc.
  • The jurisdictions where you practice
  • Information about the attorneys who practice in your law firm
  • Other particularly important information that induces searchers to contact you

The moment content is posted; it is already “old” and dated. Your law firm’s website may become stale when new content is not regularly added. New information – SEO content – must be added in order for your website to remain fresh. This is actually the only authentic means for your website to maintain and gain greater search engine placement. The vast majority of successful law firms have websites that are continually nurtured with new, interesting, authentic, SEO content, written by an experienced law firm content writer. A website is a continual work in progress.

The Name of the Game – First Page Search Engine Placement:

The name of the game is getting first page placement. Searchers tend to click on the first search engine listing that addresses their needs. Just think about how you respond to search engine information – don’t you prefer the first sites on the first page? In order to obtain first page placement, new content – authentic, original content – must be added. Articles and blogs pertaining to the areas of law that you practice should be continually added to your website, giving potential clients rich and detailed information.

Growing Your Legal Website is a Must:

The bottom line is that your website is a mirror of your law practice and if you want to grow, your website must grow. High quality SEO content is without question the key. Your website is an investment. One new client or case can be worth thousands or millions of dollars. There are few law firms remaining that do not have websites. In order to compete, a successful website is not an option – it is a must. A professional legal content writer understands this process and is here to help you.

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Published by Bonnie Ferrar

President and Senior Content writer for Ferrar Copywriters--a small boutique writing firm specializing in website content, blogging, social media content, website design, and Facebook management.

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