How to Choose the RIGHT Legal Content Writer

Do a quick Google search and you can find hundreds of content writers on the Internet.  These content writers range from experienced copywriters with Master’s Degrees to foreign writers with little grasp of the English language.

When you are ready to build up or improve the content on your law firm’s website, it is important to know how to evaluate these writers so you can choose the one that is best for your firm.

Here are some questions to consider when choosing a legal content writer:

  • What is their grasp of the English language?
  • How back-logged are they?
  • What is their price per page?
  • Does their price include edits or rewriting if I am not happy?
    How well do they take direction?
    Can they change their tone or their writing style to match my firm’s?
  • How easy are they to work with?

If you simply choose the cheapest writer, you will undoubtedly spend hours editing and rewriting their work, coordinating topics with them, and proofreading the copy. By taking the time to find the right legal content writer for your job, you can save yourself hours of time you could be billing clients!

SEO may be KING but STYLE is QUEEN!

While it is important to find a writer who is skilled in writing SEO content, it is just as important to find a writer who will write in the right tone and style for your site. Keyword stuffing does nothing if the reader clicks off of your site after reading the first few sentences.

The key is to keep the on your site and turn them into a client. How do you do this? You need a content writer who understands the importance of engaging, rich content and who can present this material in an easy to read format.

Legal information can be dry—but a good content writer knows how to make it POP!

If you want to see your conversion rates increase, you don’t just need MORE content, you need GOOD content. The only way to get good content is to hire a good legal content writer.

At Ferrar Copywriters, our writers can match the tone and style of your law firm’s site. If you have a vision for your website—we can make it a reality.

  • Do you want fun and engaging conversational pages?
  • Do you want informative and more serious pages?
  • Would you like your site to sell you and your firm?
  • Are you looking for your web pages to convey your personality to your clients?
  • Do you want to gain your reader’s trust before they even call you?

No matter what your vision is, no matter how you want to say it, Ferrar Copywriters will get the job done.

We are so confident that we are the legal content writer for you, that all of our editing and rewriting is FREE. Order a page and you are ensured that you will receive the page YOU want. We rewrite it until we get it right.

Contact us today for a free quote and review of your site.

Published by Bonnie Ferrar

President and Senior Content writer for Ferrar Copywriters--a small boutique writing firm specializing in website content, blogging, social media content, website design, and Facebook management.

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